Jean-Max ROGER

  Sancerre Blanc

Sancerre Blanc cuvée Clos Derveau

The “C.D.” cuvée is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes that come from four vineyard parcels that occupy an area once called “Clos Derveau”. The soil here ranges from fine, soft limestone subsoil to hard, very pebbly limestone on the surface. With varying proportions of clay, this is typical of “caillottes”.

Though these vines are planted close to those that produce grapes for our "Cuvée G.C", the resulting wine stands out for its more assertive fruit and structured personality. Its distinctive fruitiness sets this cuvée apart from all of our other cuvées. It is fine, fresh, and fruity on the palate.

This wine may be enjoyed on its own, at any time of day, or as an aperitif. It is the perfect complement to the bounty of the sea, including crustaceans, shellfish, and raw or cooked fish. It is also a good match for white meats (poultry, veal) as well as for cheeses, goat’s cheeses and blue cheeses in particular. Serve at between 10 and 13°C.

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