Jean-Max ROGER

  Sancerre Blanc

Sancerre Blanc cuvée CM

The “C.M." cuvée is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in vineyard parcels with varying types of soil: “Caillottes” and “Kimmeridgian Marls”. Each terroir contributes complexity and finesse to this cuvée. The “caillottes” give the wine its floral and fruity notes, along with its lightness and freshness while the “terres blanches” (Kimmeridgian marls) provide structure, richness and power. It is its multiple origins that lend this cuvée its personality.
It shows fruity freshness and characteristic finesse on the palate that make it a wine that will age well for up to 5 years, though it is best enjoyed within the first three years. This cuvée may be enjoyed on its own throughout the day or as an aperitif. It is the perfect complement to the bounty of the sea, including crustaceans, shellfish, and raw or cooked fish. It is also a fine match for white meats (poultry, veal) as well as cheese, in particular goat’s cheeses and blue cheeses. It should be served at between 10 and 13°C.

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